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New Home Health Care Plan

  • Daily Maximum Benefit of up to $150/$300
     (Classic/Deluxe) for the following services in your
     home from an Approved Home Health Care
     Practitioner, subject to the eligibility conditions:
  Classic Deluxe
Skilled Nursing Care (RN) $75 $150
General Nursing (LPN/LVN) $60 $120
Physical Therapy $75 $150
Speech Pathology $75 $150
Occupational Therapy $75 $150
Chemotherapy Specialist $60 $120
Enterostomal Therapy $50 $100
Respiration Therapy $50 $100
Medical Social Services $100 $200
  • Home Health Care Aide:
Daily benefit of $40/$80 (Classic/Deluxe) for each day you require services immediately following a hospital confinement of not less than three days.
  • Prescription Drug Benefit:
Per prescription benefit of $10/Generic or $25/Brand, limited to a maximum benefit of $300/$600 (Classic/Deluxe) per policy year.
  • Restoration of Benefits:
The Maximum Benefit Period for Home Health Care and Aide benefits will be restored if the benefits have not been paid or required for 180 consecutive days.

Optional Benefits·

Annual Physical Examination Benefit: $150·Accidental Death & Dismemberment:

Accidental Death $10,000.00
Maximum Dismemberment Benefit, for losses shown below:  
Sight, both eyes $5,000.00
Sight, one eye $2,500.00
Hand, arm, foot or leg (multiple) $5,000.00
Hand, arm, foot or leg (single) $2,500.00
Finger or toe (multiple) $1,000.00
Finger or toe (single) $500.00
  • Home Medical Equipment Benefit: Up to $500
Covered Home Medical Equipment:
Mobility Assistance: Wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, canes, crutches (similar walking aids)
Transfer Aids: Gait/transfer belts, transfer benches, transfer boards, transfer mats
Bathroom Safety: Shower chairs, elevated toilet seats, commode chairs
Home Accommodations: Hospital beds, patient lifts, trapezes
Personal Medical Equipment: Braces (arm, leg, back and neck)