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About Us


Financial Security and Peace of Mind

Founded in the early 1980’s by an ambitious entrepreneur Patricia Haberstroh, The Health Group has grown to become one of the largest Insurance Marketing Organizations in the nation. THG has an extensive national network of experienced, knowledgeable and certified representatives. Our success has been built on exemplarily customer care and outstanding programs.

Our Mission

We provide financial security and peace of mind to the senior marketplace by offering top rated insurance products. Seeking to develop quality relationships with the very best insurance carriers in the industry in order to supply our agents a financial portfolio guaranteed to help them succeed. 

At The Health Group, our foundation is built on more than just providing health and life insurance. Our founders, Rick and his son, Brandon, represent the heart and soul of our mission. In this touching video, witness a testament to their unwavering spirit and commitment to the community. Despite facing personal challenges, including Rick’s battle with kidney failure and subsequent transplant, their dedication to giving back remains unshaken. Every year, they embark on a heartfelt journey through the streets of downtown St. Louis, extending a helping hand to the homeless with monetary support and essential items. It’s a thoughtful reminder of the human connection that drives us and the difference one act of kindness can make. We invite you to watch and be inspired by their story.