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Great news! THG is now a preferred organization making GlicRx available for agents and agencies to give to everyone. Easy and quick to get set up. GlicRx will give a personalized landing page and code for agents to give the GlicRx prescription drug discount card free to everyone and GET PAID!


Many of you probably know about the GoodRx prescription drug discount card. Did you know that GoodRx has now partnered with GoHealth? this now puts your clients AT RISK of being sold health insurance and Medicare products by GoHealth. Don’t RISK even one client by not offering the GlicRx card.


To get set up for GlicRx today contact us  or call us at 314-408-3779


4 thoughts on “GlicRx For Agents”

  1. I have never heard of you, would like more info as an agent.
    How old is this company? Who owns this company?
    Assets. Interested in knowing more. thank you. Joan Daniels

    1. GLICRX is a 10 year old company who is second in the discount prescription market behind GoodRx. Now that GoodRx and Go Health have merged, agents are signing up like crazy to get a different RX discount plan in their portfolio. GLICRX also pays the agents a commission for every prescription that is filled under your ID number. Also paid every time a refill is picked up. We do a price comparison every month of the top 100 drugs and GLICRX is beating the competition by an average of 22% across the board!!
      This is the future of discount prescription cards!
      Feel free to fill out the agent information for more detailed information. Thank you for responding.


  2. I would like an example of what each commission to the agent is, every time someone uses the card for a single prescription.

    Is there an expiration? Are the commissions lifetime to the agent?

    I would appreciate it if you could also, provide a typical agent’s total commission on a monthly basis. Such as: agent enrolled 20 clients and those clients fill 2 prescriptions per month with the card and it = $________

    Lastly, you mentioned GoodRx merged with GoHealth. What would prevent GlicRx from doing the exact same thing?

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